Managing Director

David is an advisor, writer, inventor and entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, David is the founder of Fix-A-Latch USA, a US-based manufacturer of an innovative hardware product now found in hardware stores across America. He founded or co-founded other ventures as well including Contango Capital Advisors, the wealth management subsidiary of a $5 billion market cap bank, and Panoptic Solutions, an online developer of financial tools for the investment industry.

Earlier in his career, David was an Executive Director at Swiss Bank (and, subsequently, UBS), in San Francisco where he served as both regional manager over Northern California and the Pacific Northwest and a member of the US-Market Management Committee.

As an inventor, David holds numerous patents in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe. Complementing these interests, he is a versatile and award-winning writer. His work has appeared in CFO Magazine, Huffington Post, Baltimore Sun, Denver Post, Austin Statesman, News & Observer and Salt Lake Tribune to name a few.

David has shared his knowledge and experience both as an adjunct business professor and as a volunteer mentor to entrepreneurs through the Council for Entrepreneurial Development.

David earned his undergraduate degree in international affairs from George Washington University, a master’s in international journalism from Baylor University, and a juris doctor from Tulane Law School. He speaks three languages, is a former U.S. delegate to the United Nations Graduate Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, and is an honor graduate of the U.S.M.C. Officer Candidate School.